Our company

an owner-managed family business

Quality and energy management

When procuring investment goods and raw materials, we pay attention to both their energy efficiency and also ecological criteria. We prefer suppliers who attach similarly great importance to environmental protection as we do ourselves. We are a continually working to optimise energy use and corporate environmental protection. It goes without saying that part of this is the active involvement of our colleagues by way of information, training and joint responsibility.

Integrated management system

We live by our integrated management system, regularly evaluate its effectiveness and, together with all our colleagues, strive for continuous improvement and further development. In the future too, we want to remain a healthy company with a sound economic basis – and in doing so we apply the metal industry’s most stringent quality requirements to ourselves also.


The challenges lie in the dynamism and in the constantly changing demands of our industry, as well as in our customers’ industries. However, to an equal extent this is also where the strengths of a.i.m. all in metal GmbH also lie. Because although we’re proud of our performance, we never rest on our laurels. We always want to be one step ahead, and thereby strive for the sustained growth of our company. Besides a broad clientele, we also rely on a solid supplier base and on supply relationships that are based on mutual trust.

Senior management

  • Managing Partner
    Eberhard Mayr
    T + 49(0)7145 / 93999-0
  • Managing Partner
    Jim C. Kohn
    T + 49(0)7145 / 93999-0
  • Director, authorised signatory
    Lengefeld plant manager
    Rainer Menten
    T + 49(0)37367 / 324-0
  • Director, authorised signatory
    HR and administration
    Kerstin Dittrich
    T + 49(0)7145 / 93999-0
  • Director, authorised signatory
    Finances and strategy
    Phil A. Kramer
    T + 49(0)7145 / 93999-0
  • Markgröningen plant
    Technical Manager
    Tobias Utri
    T + 49(0)37367 / 324-0
  • Head of Sales
    Claus Sturm
    T + 49(0)7145 / 93999-0

a.i.m. – getting you to where you want to be

We are proud that we have been satisfying our customers for many years, and we also look forward to shaping the future with you.


a.i.m. all in metal GmbH
Steinbeisstraße 6
71706 Markgröningen
T + 49(0)7145-93999-0
F + 49(0)7145-93999-199
Production 12.900 m2
Total area 57.200 m2


a.i.m. all in metal GmbH
Am Leuchtenbau 5
09514 Pockau-Lengefeld
T + 49(0)37367-324-0
F + 49(0)37367-324-44
Production 17.000 m2
Total area 88.600 m2