a.i.m.  your strong partner in the metal industry

We’ve already made a name for ourselves as a confident supplier of both the automobile industry and the windows & doors sector. Our broad-based set-up also makes us an interesting partner for all aspects of metalworking, because in recent years we’ve also developed into a reliable supplier of complete components.


We divide up our products into the following groups:

  • Formed and stamped parts with increased functional and safety requirements
  • Joining technology for highly-complex welded assemblies
  • Cold forming of components and standard parts
  • Prototype production
  • Assembly of components and end products either manually, semi-automated or fully-automated


The main emphasis of our production is on both forming and welding technology. For these we employ various methods across a broad product portfolio.


In the field of forming technology, the emphasis is on vehicle body components and functional elements. Our extensive know-how in the field of deep-drawing enables us to produce highly-complex components of unique strength. Connecting elements such as deep-drawn tube components sets us apart from our competitors. Depending on requirements and the concept, our products are manufactured using the progressive stamping and transfer method.


We use all conventional welding processes in the field of joining technology. For this we rely on free-standing systems for manual operation, as well as on fully-automated production using robots. For some years now we have been relying on laser welding technology to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. We use laser welding technology to produce highly-complex, extremely heavy-duty joints between individual components. Laser welding technology is precisely the field in which we rely on full automation.


Cold forming enables us to produce precise functional elements as well as standard parts. Particularly when it comes to attachments for vehicle body parts or welded assemblies, this enables us to offer the customer a comprehensive product from a single source and to react to change requests as quickly as possible.


Thanks to our unique know-how, it is a matter of course for us to be able to offer prototypes manufactured in-house as early as during the development phase. For this we employ, among other things, the state-of-the-art laser cutting process with which we can react quickly, flexibly and economically to our customers’ change requests, along with water jet cutting. Close collaboration with the customer and development of the perfect component to meet the most stringent requirements is our commitment. We are convinced that the product’s development phase has a significant influence on the success of every project. Our excellent network of Germany’s leading research institutes is at our disposal at all times to provide support in this endeavour.

In the assembly phase, we prepare various components for installation into the final product. Assembly enables us to deliver components to the customer’s production line that have been preassembled.

Our broad service portfolio also includes process development, particularly in the field of tube components and laser welding solutions.

We can offer work steps such as cleaning, washing, brushing or trowalising completely in-house. We can meet additional customer requirements such as electrocoating or galvanizing at any time via our external partners.


We react to constantly changing market demands through the intensive further development of all products, processes and technologies. The efficient interlinking and integration of our processes and the constantly increasing degree of automation help enable us to remain both competitive and successful at our two German locations.